Use these Sage 100 Enhancements to get new insights into business operations through advanced reporting and data management.  

Sage 100 SQL Mirroring

Sometimes the standard Sage 100 reporting tools are just not able to produce the reports necessary.  The first step to being able to build intelligent and dynamic reports, not available through the standard tools, is to mirror your Sage 100 data into SQL.  The Tekoa Data Manager application takes your Sage 100 information, local or in the cloud, and stores it in a secure and private SQL installation where you can build more dynamic and sophisticated reports from your Sage 100 data.  Employ the strength and capability of SQL and Microsoft Business Intelligence tools and take the reporting capabilities of Sage 100 to a whole other level.  Get those complex reports and insights that are too complicated to deliver using Sage reporting tools.  It starts with using Tekoa DM for Sage 100 to mirror your Sage 100 data into a secure, private, single tenant SQL instance.

An important feature included with SQL Mirroring is the ability to manage your new reports with an easy to use web interface.  Control user security to reports.  Easily export reports into Excel or PDF. 

Sage 100 SQL Mirroring - Your Local Network

Installed, configured and fully functional on your local Windows network.*

  • Install & Config - $3,995
  • No Annual Maintenance Fee
  • Support & Report Design at Hourly Rate On Demand

Sage 100 SQL Mirroring - Hosted

Installed, configured and fully function in the Tekoa Cloud for hosted Sage 100.

  • Install & Config - $995
  • Monthly Charge - $99

Sage 100 SQL Mirroring - Hybrid

Cloud hosted and accessed SQL, Sage 100 on your local Windows network.*

  • Install & Config - $1,995
  • Monthly Charge - $139

*Your Windows network must meet minimum system requirements.

Tekoa software add-ons for Sage 100 are created to expand the capabilities of the software you already use and enhance the the systems and business processes for important functions like: 

  • Accounting
  • Reports
  • CRM
  • eCommerce
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • Data Management
  • Integration

Reliable, sophisticated and easy to use Sage 100 Enhancements build on your existing processes by adding new functionality that helps your business grow.